Wednesday, December 09, 2015

ManServants. Broken Heart? Rent a pretty vanilla slave thingy!

Wherever you look, vanilla minds are being dripfed the idea of power-exchange as an essential ingredient to any succesfull relationship. On top of that the Fifty Shades legacy feels more like a tsunami, but elements of dominance and submission are all around.

A special from our ManServant Holiday Collection: slave-candy-man. Brain and conversational skills are extra. Order now. Comes with free gag, blindfold and chastity device. We'll even throw in a t-shirt just to make him feel more exposed and helpless. The ugly shirt highlights the missing undergarment, a psychological trick to reinforce his lack of control and vulnerability. At your service! (Note: image above is a suggestion for presentation only. Actual humiliating effect may differ on a per slave basis.)

Some years ago I ran into something called servants4u. Basically it is a free service for dominant women. Servants who enlist are available for all kinds of chores including ironing, chauffeuring and gardening. Lucky for them I’m not a domme. I would request their service and send them of to someone in need but without the slightest interest in Fifty Shades of fun. After all to serve is to serve. To serve is its own reward. It's all about giving, not receiving, etc.

In the real world the concept of a rent-a-boyfriend recently got a make-over. This time it is called “Manservant” and its intended customer base is newly single women. It offers butler-bodyguard-cabana boy mash-up services. One day I’ll look up what cabana boy means.

“Heartbreak ManServant, a gorgeous, well-mannered, impeccably groomed guy who is not—we repeat, not—a gigolo. He's so much more useful than that! He'll help you delete the ex from social networks, burn his photos and prop you up with pep talks, sparkling smiles and mixed drinks. Other variants of ManServant will even do your housework.”

“The hunky men at ManServants are trained to pamper, flatter and cater”

“As you wish" is one of their most-repeated phrases”

Sounds great huh? Well, it gets even better. December is also heartbreak season so Manservant launched a special holiday collection. Yes that is correct.

“Options in this special collection include Arm Candy ManServant, who'll brighten your dreary obligatory gatherings; and Domestic ManServant, who'll tidy up while telling you how fabulous you look before the big soirĂ©e.”

I’m curious to see what they'll come up with for Valentine’s Day. Slave-Candy-Poet-Man perhaps?

11Dutch is just a guy. I’m not exceptional pretty or anything, but I’ve been on a few dates with highly attractive women. Dates where beforehand you think: "So Out Of My League". Not all were fun. The conversational skills – or should I say interests – of some of the ladies were limited to their favourite soap or their latest shopping trip. Guess I’m a really a masochist after all, but remember: caveat emptor.

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