Saturday, October 03, 2015

A Smiling Domme Means More Than Just Happiness

Like all men, I am a sucker for beautiful women. What separates mere Barbies from true Beauties is what is hidden underneath. Who is she? Personality and character can't be observed from the outside, yet guide men into whom they loose their heart to. Her smile is the only visible clue of the kind of woman she is. Like gravity on steroids, it enslaves us. A force no man can resist. Or wants to.

Remember the plan? Love may hurt but kink is fun for two.

Nothing makes me happier than a happy domme. Of course I know every twue slave says so, but I mean something different. I am talking about a happy domme, as in a dominant woman smiling while dominating her property. To me that is the very best life has to offer.

Yes it hurts and it is demanding. Perhaps that was the plan. I am not in control, but very much hers and she loves every minute of it. That's happiness. Grumpy dommes, angry dommes or frustrated dommes, it just doesn't work for me. I'm the one suffering and being tied up. If someone has no reason for smiling it should be me.

What I love about it is the authenticity of the moment. Right there and then I am hers - no way out - until she decides otherwise. That might take a while given her smile. The same smile that says she wants you. Mistress wants to own you and control you, for you to be hers.

Imagine a sensual woman, a domme who has total control over you. It pleases her so much, she cannot stop smiling. Even better if your predicament also works as an aphrodisiac. That combination is a recipe for instant magic and before long it becomes a favourite dish in every mistress-slave house hold.

Her smile, it says everything. That smile reveals who she is as a woman. Hardship or privilege, it shows her outlook on life. Her smiling face shows how much fun this is for her. It tells me as a slave: This is what she wants, not because of me - but hopefully with me. This is part of who she is and she loves it! The explains the difference between real and riel. What more can a slave hope for? A smile is the world's best aphrodisiac. Kink or vanilla, it doesn't matter.

Let's celebrate
To celebrate smiling, happy, dominant women here are 10 images of delicious devious dommes with diabolical smiles. Yes 10 and not 11 for once. Nope, I'm not gonna explain.
"Happy Girls Are The Prettiest"
- Audrey Hepburn
No man stands a chance against a woman's smile. It's for the best. If you can: look up close, deep into her eyes. For they are the mirror to the soul. It is where her deepest smile is hidden. Only for you to see. Just don't forget to smile back at her, any way you can.

Put your hands up in the air (if you enjoy his suffering)
All it takes is one little kiss. The happiness of being doomed for life.

Lost. Being paddled over her lap isn't that inviting. Her smile is
Up, close and personal. I tried to warn you.

How much fun can he take?
Can't get enough of your love baby.

Towering over him with her hypnotic smile.
She lifts his his head with one hand and holds his leash with the other. Not to mention her lovely curves.

Her smile is intoxicating. Not too sure what to make of the scene however.

"It wasn't me" (Image: Spanking360)
"Silly boy. Of course it was me. Let's go for round three" (Image: Spanking360)

So not true: Never as good as the first time.

V for victory. Come over to the dark side. We have cookies (and stuff)

Not just cookies, but loads of fun. Too late if you changed your mind.

PS, I don't think it will take long for part two. If you want to be included, send me your happiest pictures. Mmm, I'm loving it.

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