Sunday, August 23, 2015

Enemy of the State: Who Reads My Blog?

A few days ago my blog received an unusually large number of hits from Poland, 400 in one day. It got me curious and for the first time I delved into the numbers. Still don't know why there was such a large influx from Poland but last week's provider list carried a few surprises.

spy hacking tor browser

Dutch is at last moving up in the world. After many thwarted attempts to gain recognition the DOD finally began scrutinizing my blog, eight visits within the space of a few days. In al fairness the United States Department of Defence probably sent bots, total time for each visit is zero seconds.

Nuggets of Wisdom?
I don't take my blog too seriously - just like my kink - but it is interesting to see the Harvard Community Health Plan studying my writing. I was a little disappointed some Harvard whizzkid needed about eight minutes to read two articles but OK. Then again MIT was looking for my pearls of wisdom as well.

The coolest visitor came from Saudi Arabia. Somebody using Saudinet viewed 20 pages. I really don't want to know what happens if they get on to him. Seriously! Be careful mate. Use the Tor Browser!

A few days ago I wrote about a killer in Belgium who escaped and hid in an S&M room in Brussels. That is probably the reason why the Belgian Justice Department (FOD Justitie - SPF Justice) visited my site. Strange but not as weird as some provider called Norwegian Meat.

If you think that's funny how about Toys 'R' Us, they are definitely the funniest visitor this blog ever had. The US retailer probably was looking for inspiration for their soon to be launched adult toy site. Just send me an e-mail, I've got lots of ideas. I just take a tiny percentage (for mistress of course).

50 Shades of Grey inspired collection of Toys R Us: bondage barbie, whip, collar, restraints rubber duck and bondage bear
#LetsPlay: Toys "R" Nuts new 50 Shades Fall collection

Why Me?
My log shows several visits from the NNIC (Navy Network Information Center). At what point did I become an enemy of the state? I'm Dutch! Next there were no less than five hits from the USAIC. All big zero's of course, but why would the United States Army Intelligence Center be interested in me. I am the most non-threatening and unimportant person in the world. The first thing is obviously not true, how else can I look after mistress when the need arises. As for unimportant, mistress disagrees with that as well - lucky me. She will probably point that out to me in a not so gentle way - unlucky me?

But of interest to the US Intelligence services? Why? I have no clue. My only cardinal sin is having the TOR browser installed, which allows people to surf the internet more securely by changing their IP address. I hardly ever use it, except for testing purposes. These days simply downloading the software is enough to be labelled a sophisticated and potentially dangerous internet user.

Not so Innocent

The internet was not invented to rant but to undermine our privacy. Don't take what I write too seriously - it is a fun way to make you think about your privacy. Just be careful on-line. The Ashley Madison affair is painful enough, a Fifty Shades version would be even more disastrous for those involved.

As for the TOR browser, by chance I stumbled upon something particular nasty: a slow loading kink site that tried to extract canvassing data, a tracking technique that fingerprints your browser and is almost impossible to block. It is a huge privacy concern. It doesn't matter that a site merely implements it to optimize the user experience. Installing it, is cause for concern by itself. It makes a site look malicious. The cons outweigh the pro's many to one. Just get rid of it.

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