Friday, July 17, 2015

Cool Captioned Images

Captions are usually not my thing. Most are repetitive, tunnel vision rather than creative and often reek of desperation. Below are 11+1  captions I like.

Shibari: you're doing it wrong.

Chains: they aren't just for tires anymore.

Pegging: It's worth getting dressed up for.

Restraints: Because chasing them down a second time is too much work.

Femdom: Good boy

The S&M bondage bed for when you don't need your rest.

BDSM Bears: They don't hibernate, they dominate.

Duct Tape: Turning no, no, no! Into mmm-mmm-mmm.

Marriage: It doesn't matter how badass your character is.
You still have to face the wife when you get home.

Safe word: You are doomed!

Strange Fetishes: Shut up. Yours are weirder.

Leather: Helping men behave for centuries.

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