Sunday, September 14, 2014

Abuse and Exploitation: Fetish Video Producer Convicted

Money makes the world go round and that is not always a good thing. In April 2014 the producer of the Shefights website has been jailed along with a female kickboxer for beating up a mentally disabled men in a boxing ring in 2011.

The producer of Shefights recruited homeless people to participate in the videos. According to testimony of one victim he got $ 20 for a ten minute beating. Other testimony says that if the men left before the ten minutes were over they would get nothing. In one incident a female kickboxer hurt a mentally disabled man so bad the blood came out of his ears and he had to seek hospital treatment after it was over. The waver he signed before the abuse started was invalidated because the victim had diminished mental capacities.

Recruiting people that are desperate for money is exploitation. Some people might say they consented of their own free will. That is not true. Substitute a homeless man for a mother who desperately needs money to feed her child makes the fact that participation is involuntarily self evident. Taking advantage of someone with limited mental capacities to earn money is just as bad.

The producer of Shefights made about a thousand videos. He paid the men somewhere between $ 20 to $ 50 and the women on average $ 300 and sometimes more. One article mentions $ 800. Let's say the sold 100 copies of each clip on clips4sale for $ 10 each, that makes a cool million in sales. Deduct 30 per cent provision for C4S and payment to participants of $ 335.000 that still leaves you with $ 365.000 in net profits. That is a lot of money. Maybe Shefights should have spent some of that on men that actually enjoy this kind of harsh treatment and its producer could have lived a comfortable life outside prison. Fortunately justice has been served.

With hindsight the before and after interviews in the Divine Bitches videos are much more valuable than I previously realized. It is never right to pressure people into participating in femdom videos. Exploiting the desperate makes it even worse.

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