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11 Things to Write About in 2018

OWK; My son is into femdom; New to femdom; Findom; Pro-domme book review; Future of femdom; Privileged piggies; Clips4Sale; Domme Deficit; Big BDSM test; Femdom fiction and so much more.

dominatrix january seraph who passed away in 2017
January Seraph, who passed away in 2017

Before I start, I love your suggestions and comments. Please keep them coming, whether it is your opinion about something I wrote, information and links, updates or whatever else is on your mind. Thank you!

1. OWK - Other World Korrupted?
The notorious, beloved femdom compound finally seems to be living up to it's name. As a preview, a 45 minute clip by Goddess Amazon, detailing her encounters with the new - male - owner of the OWK. To be fair, what caught my attention was the name Womania and too much pink in the new logo.

If you have any info, useful links, personal stories about the OWK to share, please drop me a line.

2. Help, My Son is into Femdom
One of the funniest segments of Goddess Amazon's discussion of the OWK is where she explains how Mistress Patricia [not exactly sure that is her actual title, but then again, she never really impressed me] wanted to leave the OWK and the whole female supremacy thing to her daughter, who was absolutely horrified at the idea and doesn't want to have anything to do with female supremacy and grovelling males. The way Goddess Amazon tells it made me laugh so hard. Yes, I know bad, bad, slave. Which is true.

Last year I read an interview where a domina expressed a similar desire. Clearly it is a common ideal. I remember one slave drooling over the idea that one day he would serve both mistress and her daughter. Guess he would never say that about his own daughter. All of that made me think, what if the shoe is on the other foot. Would a dad recommend femdom to his son. How would dad feel if he handed down the femdom gene to his son?

It's The Matrix all over. Red pill or blue pill? Unfortunately I don't know which is which.

3. If You Are Male And New to this Whole Femdom Thing
There are quite a few women offering [sensible] advice for newbie male slaves. Time to compile a list from a man's point of view.

4. Findom
The gift that keeps on giving, whether you are a greedy girl or a femdom writer. Right now I'm thinking of creating some sort of collage of the 11 - ahum - "most interesting" tweets on "how [not] to findom". I'm open to suggestions.

5. Miss Miranda's autobiography
Recently finished "Fifty Shades of Domination", the 2014 autobiography of London-based dominatrix Miss Miranda, aka the Bondage Mistress. I need some time to think about it, perhaps reread certain sections, but a review is due later this year. For now, all I can say is that I recommend you read it for yourself.

No doubt writing that review will also serve as launching pad for more toy stories. After all I'm a self-confessed gearhead.

6. Future of Femdom
In 2016 I wrote how Clips4Sale is essentially a Fix4Sale that threatens the future of femdom. Thanks to the internet the general public is now very much aware of BDSM. The number of women offering BDSM as a commercial service has exploded. At the same time, the separation of the sexes continues and will, no doubt, reach critical mass in the near future. In 2017 the newspapers couldn't stop writing about 'realistic' sex dolls. Sooner or later someone will invent a realistic domme doll.

The quick fix, the fact that certain providers see kink as nothing but a way to make money and the technological threat to a shared experience don't bode well for the future of femdom. Too often it feels like it's no longer about two people connecting but trading fixes - not necessarily with a partner.

7. Privileged Petite Piggies
"What Little Piggy Will Have The Privilege..." If you have to flog yourself like that, something clearly went wrong on the way to femdom heaven. Stay tuned for more elegant prose on "lucky loosers" and so on.

8. The 20 to 1 domme deficit
Another research topic that has my interest, but haven't had much time for last year. I argued how the sub surplus is not necessarily a good thing. Overwhelmed by choice, many dommes want it all, even the things they don't want, resulting in bad partner choices. Theories are more than welcome.

9. C4S
For some reason Clips4Sale fascinates me. When it comes to fees it's much greedier than Apple, the world's most successful company. It charges 30 to 40 percent on the sale of individual clips. For memberships, they charge the store owner 50 percent of sales. Barefoot Princess is one of the top sellers in the category femdom, but what about those 1800+ other femdom clipstores? Essentially, I believe, the majority of them serves no other purpose than to provide a wide variety of femdom titles and faces, making little or no money.

10. BDSM Test
Filled it out recently and even though it's less than scientific, it's fun. I'll share the results later this year, with some comment. Link to the test here.

11. Femdom Fiction

Never forget that femdom should be about fun, a shared - mutually enjoyed - experience. When I say I'm the world's worst slave, I'm not joking. I prefer one on one, something not always shared by dominant woman. Because of that I've begun writing some femdom fiction. The pentology about the Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries was my first series, exploring stuff such as public play.

The year before last, I wrote Friday Night Fun, the Beginning. This year I'll continue that series and maybe some other femdom fiction. Just remember, it's fun out there in the real world first and blogging second.


Of course there is so much more to write about. Think about the game of chess. No better femdom symbol than the queen. The most powerful piece in the whole game. On top of that, she protects the king. Doctor Who, featuring a female Timelord as protagonist, no doubt will see me write a few blogposts about it. I'm also curious about the differences between femdom and maledom. Above all, femdom should be fun, fun, fun! So expect some silly posts. Then there is one question that has been on my mind from day one: where do you draw the line between a genuine desire for submissiveness and being abused. Not enough hot stuff? That's what my Tumblr is all about - if Tumblr surives the end of the year.

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