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Jacky in the Kingdom of Women

A satirical French movie, in which gender roles are reversed, has a distinct femdom tone.

"jacky in the kingdom of women" o-ring
Man with chador and o-ring looking for love
(image: Jacky in the kingdom of women)

Before I begin, yes I am aware that the phrase 'kingdom of women' is ironic. I'll save the discussion for when I write about the OWK.

Ever dreamt of a country where women rule and men are lead around on a leash? Of course you have. Dream no more and emigrate to Bubanne, a fictional matriarchal tyranny lead by the Generales, who enjoys hanging people, mainly men of course.

Women run the country, being it government, military or anything else. Men exist solely to clean and cook. All men have to wear chadors - traditional Islamic dresses that cover the body from head to toe, leaving only the face visible. These chadors are fitted with O-rings to which a leash can be hooked.

The country represents an odd mix between North Korea and certain Islamic countries. The streets and houses look depressing. Food is called "paste" and it comes straight from the tap in people's houses. What they don't know is that "paste" is actually processed and enriched feces. As one of the military puts it: "the poor eat their own shit and are happy."

Jacky, a poor, handsome boy, who lives with his mother, is head over heels in love with the Generales' daughter. La Colonelle is looking for a husband at a forthcoming grand ball. Unfortunately tickets to the ball are expensive, but Jacky manages to get one from the Sheriffes after he rats out his uncle to the police. Then the Cinderella part of the story really takes of. After polishing his mother's boots - including the soles - she slips and dies. Jacky goes to live with his rich aunt, her husband and two sons, who treat him like a slave and take his ticket to the ball.

Desperate, he runs away and is halted by three female police officers who want to rape him. Sexual aggression by women is a dominant theme throughout the movie. Jacky's uncle is a male prostitute who escapes prison by "riding wardens until they were knocked out." Earlier on Jacky has a taste of sexual aggression himself. When he is unable to pay for his new chador, the shop assistent takes sex as payment.

la colonele surrounded by men looking for marriage. "jacky in the kingdom of women"
Domme deficit of sorts
(image: Jacky in the kingdom of women)
Then Jacky's luck is finally changing for the better as he makes it into the palace dressed as a female officer. In one of the most hilarious scenes La Colonelle is surrounded by hundreds of men dressed in white, offering her their leashes. I was immediately reminded of the 20 to 1 domme deficit, but that was not what the director had in mind. Syrian-born Riad Sattouf clearly makes a comparison to the hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca where Muslims walk around the Kaaba as part of a sacred ritual.

More confusion follows until finally La Colonelle and Jacky confess their love for each other. Now Jacky can become "Big Dummy", the consort of La Colonelle. In the final scene La Colonelle leads Jacky by his leash and presents her fiancée to the people of Burbunne. The film has one more surprise, but if you want to find out, you have to watch it for yourself.

"jacky in the kingdom of women" la colonele holding jackie male on a leash
True happiness is being lead around on a leash.
(image: Jacky in the kingdom of women)

To be honest, I didn't like the movie very much but was curious about its obvious references to femdom. That didn't disappoint, the funniest one being the ever-present O-rings around the males' necks. The various scenes where unmarried males offer their leashes to any female happening to pass by reminded me of the desperation that consumes some slaves, offering themselves and their 'services' to any dominant female. Overall the movie is a bit crude and stops being funny after about 10 minutes, nor is the plot very spectacular and I wouldn't recommend watching it.

Yes, the fantasy of a world ruled by wicked women is hot - for a while. However it won't produce a better society than one predominantly run by men. Both sexes have their beliefs and implementing a different set won't lead to better outcomes, just different ones with new winners and losers. In the real world equality is still best. On top of that, once you institutionalize one kind of discrimination, others will surely follow.

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