Monday, May 30, 2016

Pieces of Margo - Blog Recommendation

I don't often recommend blogs.  The last one was the history of BDSM blog. Even though I'm not into parrots - unicorns and dragons are more my kind of thing - you might wanna take a look at Miss Margot's blog, more than just a professional dominatrix.

Compartimentalized but also complete and with a kind heart.

Most kink blogs I read, deal with either one of two things. The majority writes about the “journey”, aka “why am I not living the kinky dream?” That goes for both dommes and subs. The other is “how can I fetishfy everything in my life?” Underneath it all is so much selfishness. On more than one occasion, I stopped following a blog because of that or wrote a wry comment. Believe me, just for that, the femdom police has knocked down my door more than once – full riot gear and so on.

Miss Margo's writing, I discovered her blog by accident, is deeply personal. At times I feel like a peeping Tom. Follow a blog for a while and it becomes a familiar face. Because of how Miss Margo writes and what she shares, it has become a friend.

Pieces of Margo is well written - she better with her background - and her posts include a wide variety of topics. Part of it deals with her work as a pro-domme. It is frankly fascinating and it shows that not all that glitters is gold. Some of it is outright scary. The fact that she is a sub by night makes it even more interesting. One of my favourite stories is about this superscary ninja master who is also a Bruce Lee bottom. Reading it, makes it hard to believe dominatrix isn't Miss Margo's natural role. I do believe her, after all we both like Claire Adams from Men In Pain. Excellent choice.

The author also writes in great detail about her personal life. It is raw and honest, but also often difficult to read. But most of all it makes her a real person, one with a heart, the proverbial unicorn in an underworld dominated by one cliche looking for another rather than another person.

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