Sunday, March 10, 2019

“Unless you have a kid in a cage, I don’t care.”

A woman who works as a cable tech- and the editor highlighting a single anecdote, that of a guy in a cage.

cable guy, dungeon, man in cage
"Oh my, why did the Huffpost editor decide to pick this particular story for an illustration?"

Just a quick one today, one that proves my theory of "never normal" when it comes to vanilla people accepting kink. It ain't ever gonna happen.

Freaks sell, that wisdom is older than the invention of Gutenberg's printing press, ca 1439. Printing itself by then already existed for hundreds of years, just to remind you.

In the 21th century with the so-called popular press applying all their wit and creativity to find new lows that make their click-bait attractive, one particular story caught my eye. On a boring Sunday afternoon I was looking up movie reviews and as you know one click leads to another. Before long I was reading a story about a cabletech. In the USA, a cabletech is someone who installs your TV and makes repairs when needed.

The story has the usual suspects such as staff should only enter through the kitchen. It makes you wonder whether some Americans have forgotten about the founding principles of their country.

After a few paragraphs it turns out the cable tech is a woman. So what? That goes not for everyone. Mrs. Cabletech even ends up in the home of former Republican US Vice-President Dick Cheney, whose youngest daughter is gay. That fact didn't stop yapping big sis about the evils of same-sex love - and marriage. Even worse, it's how she got elected to the House of Representatives.

Back to the story, Mrs. Cabletech sees a lot of stuff in people's homes. Sometimes it's people growing weed in their basements. Others - the example here is Russian gangsters - are ashamed of watching football [soccer] in their basements.

During her ten years as a tech, she's seen it all. Her work has given her an intimate look into the daily life of the average American. The Huffington Post editor who worked on her story is a bit more blasé. Mrs. Cabletech always told her customers that “unless you have a kid in a cage, I don’t care.”

Yes, "sex dungeon" is added to the url. After all it's the first thing people look for when they want to read the memoirs of a cable tech.

Guess what? Yes, he's in a cage, but the guy behind bars is definitely no longer a kid. Of course Mrs. Cabletech needs access to the basement so she can fix things. The woman who opens the door asks whether that is really, really necessary, messy down there and so on. What Mrs. Cabletech remembers most is that the woman who objects is rather tall, something that with hindsight is probably a useful trait in her profession. In the basement she finds a guy in a cage. It's probably her first BDSM dungeon ever. Ten years on, she's seen so much, she can't even remember the details.

Her editor however seizes the opportunity for some naughty pictures. Freaks sell, even if the illustration is a mere ink drawing. Looking at it I cannot help but wonder if the editor and/or illustrator themselves have a preference for kink. It really doesn't matter. What stands out is that the editor - apart from the main illustration - chooses two other images. One of Mrs. Cabletech fixing Dick Cheney's signal. The other one is a lavishly illustrated drawing of a dungeon, featuring a man in a cage. Like I said: never normal, kinksters are nothing but clickbait.

The story is well-written and entertaining, with the man in the cage being just another anecdote. It makes for a fun read. Not everything in the world is about kink.

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