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The Farm Boy Who Got What He Wanted - and other stories

Today a selection of news clipping related to femdom. Have a laugh at the farmer slaves, shed a tear for the abused employee, get some non-sexual healing, but whatever you do, don't read the last article.

Guess this is what the hillbillies signed up for (in their dreams)
(Image: Ama K from Latin Beauties in High Heels)

Without a Whip
The first one is a story from 2013. A fake dominatrix lures slaves for farm work. An Austrian woman placed an ad, looking for slaves to do hard labour, a privilige the men had to pay for. Some fifteen responded and two or three took her up on her offer. After working on the farm for a week, they realized they were duped and filed a complained with the local prosecutors office. Guess those men not too bright, they are into public humiliation as well.

If only the woman had wielded the whip every now and then, all would be fine. It does make you wonder what exactly being a slave means to these men. They serve a woman who is clearly much smarter than they are. They get to wear fetish gear - harvesting crop in rubber cat suit must make the suffer much more intense - and are completely immersed in the 24/7 lifestyle. On top of that mistress throws in a free game of findom. What more can a riel sub ask for? Guess all those complaints from lifestyle dommes are true. A good slave is hard to find. You can read about it a well written, short article in Der Spiegel International.

Big Stick
The second story takes place several thousand of miles to the East. In Siberia, Dr. Sergei Speransky, director of Biological Studies at Novosibirsk Institute of Medicine, advocates caning patients with a range of addiction problems. Here's the why and how:

"We cane the patients on the buttocks with a clear and definite medical purpose — it is not some warped sado-masochistic activity."

"The caning counteracts a lack of enthusiasm for life which is often behind addictions, suicidal tendencies and psychosomatic disorders."

"I'm not sadistic, at least not in the classical sense — but I do advocate caning."

Sessions cost 75 dollars and include free counseling.

On Motivation
Travelling South to the Middle Kingdom, the manager of a Chinese rural bank spanked his employees for not exceeding expectations at a sadistic training seminar. It later turned out to be Jiang Yang, a trainer from the Shanghai Hongfeng Leadership Academy who was filmed in the video, Mr. Jiang later issued a public apology online for his behaviour.

He said physical spanking was “one of the most effective ways to raise consciousness”, although he admitted his training methods may not be acceptable to everybody.

After the video went online, it created an outcry and two executives were suspended. Of course this has nothing to do with motivation. Prominent in the Confucian tradition is the idea of the five relationships. If anyone has failed it is the boss, for not doing a better job of guiding his employees.

As Business Asia One puts it succinctly: "But on the other hand, some bosses seem to be on the other end of the spectrum, choosing to reward high-performing workers in extravagant ways"

Why do scholars choose to study BDSM I always wonder. Most likely because they want to carve out a niche for themselves [1]. Well that niche is getting crowded. Three years ago Camille Paglia wrote about scholars in bondage for the chronicle of higher education. In effect it is a brief metastudy discussing the many books on the subject. Accusing various authors of getting lost feels a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. The article makes for a difficult read. [2] Sociology, gender studies or whatever. It doesn't matter whether your a sadist or a masochist. The former can order the latter to explain it to her in plain English. If the latter doesn't have a former, well reading it is still an adventure into masochism. But if you half have a brain, toss it aside.

[1] Or is it that sex sells and SM sells 50 times better?
[2] "These binaries rely on the social construction of risk." And howlers: "In what follows, I unfold the thickness of such loadedness." Or this résumé of the circular thinking of Judith Butler, the long overrated doyenne of gender studies: "In Butler's work, intelligibility provides a horizon of recognition for subjectivity itself, within which all subjects are either recognizable or unrecognizable as subjects." Weiss speaks of her own "positionality" and "Foucauldian framework," but she seems unaware that Foucauldian analysis is based on Saussurean linguistics, a system of contested and indeed dubious validity for interpreting the untidy realm of physical experience. It;;s complicated. Told you so.

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