Thursday, October 01, 2015

Never Normal: Gotham's Sadistic Bad Girl

Fifty Shades is no more than a look in the world of weirdo's for bored suburbians. And it works brilliantly. The new TV season has kicked of in full and just like last year scriptwriters and directors use and abuse BDSM - or what they think it stands for - to paint a portrait of the depraved villains. 

Gotham - S02E02 - Rise of the Villains Knock, Knock, two women with whips
Blondes are more boring. The women with whips have arrived.
Making sure the audience knows who the bad guys are.
I tried to give a positive spin to femdom on television but the forces of evil are so overwhelming, I had to give up. So I came up with the hashtag #NeverNormal. Yes it works both ways, something the voyeurs overlook.

Gotham - S02E02 - Rise of the Villains Knock, Knock, woman whips man with head in a box
Let's whip him. See if he's still breathing.

This week's honourable mention goes to the TV show Gotham, a Batman spin-off. Some evil genius has freed a number of psychiatric patients from Arkham Asylum to aid in his sinister plans. Of course the villain is filthy rich - Christian Gray anyone? - and the crew gathers in his penthouse to discuss their next move. Suddenly a guy with a box on his head enters the room, pushed forward by two women with whips. What, why or how is unclear, but now that the weirdo's with whips have entered, you know the people in the room are not just ordinary criminals, they are twisted, scary villains, just like... As I said: Never normal.

Gotham - S02E02 - Rise of the Villains Knock, Knock 02, female assasin
Of course Gotham's sadistic bad girl also kills people. And she is good at it.

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