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Mad Max turns Mad Femdom, it makes me Furiosaious

If you think - young - Steven Segall is a guy high on octane go see Fury Road. If you are looking for kink or a reassurance of your femdom world ideas, just rent R100. Mad Max Fury Road has absolutely zero to do with femdom and if you read on there will be a 100 percent spoiler below.

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Alien anyone?
I liked Trinity better anyway.
Furiosa is not that special
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The original Mad Max movie in 1979 was an Australian low budget film, one that incidentally launched Mel Gibson's career. Given the fact that making movies is just business it was about time they redid it. Then again they also redid Poltergeist.

Some people go crazy over the idea of strong women in this movie. Femdom, drool, drool. News flash: there have always been strong women throughout history, just as there always have been strong men. Fury Road essentially tells the story of two goodies, one female and one male, escaping the clutches of some dreadful post-apocalyptic dictator, who uses women as breeding farms and controls the population by withholding aqua-cola (water), something rather inconvenient if you live in the desert.

Survival is the key

So the strong female character - looking for redemption - is trying to save a bunch of fertile women forced to continue the evil overlord's dynasty. And yes he is ghastly by the way. The scene where they throw of their chastity belts and stamp on it, while Mad Max is still in chains, is hilarious. But does this setting - Furiosa, the strong female lead, looking for redemption - teaming up with the lost soul that is Mad Max, make this a movie with a strong femdom theme? Njet: not in a million years. Two people are looking for meaning in their life. In a dried out desert with a bunch of suicidal maniacs, desperate for whatever opportunity to kill themselves and enter Walhalla, it is all about survival. Mad Max escapes from the baddies, good for him, they were harvesting his blood and kind of unfortunate, slowly killing him in the process. Meanwhile Furiosa has betrayed her evil master, which leaves them no choice but to work together. In true Hollywood style they both wrestle with their past and that is what leads them to their "unexpected" choice to join forces, never mind that if they don't, they will be captured by the bad guy and suffered a slow and horrible death.

So what is it really about: a well trained female soldier and a male equivalent. As it turns out the woman is the better marksman of the two and the guy knows it - of course only when they have only one bullet left - so what next? Some see whatever femdom element they prefer in it. But for those with a background in the military or people a bit more seasoned in teamwork, it simply makes sense. Number one fires the gun and misses, twice. Number two watches him miss and knows knows she has a better chance than number one, so she takes the last shot. Number one does not object, he is a professional and knows  they are fighting for their lives. She would never ask for the gun if she wasn't sure her skills surpassed his. On a side note: the world's best snipers are women, because their hands are smaller, which gives them better control of the gun.

Desire vs reality

It doesn't matter if you're some douche bag who believes Fury Road is a threat to male hegemony of the opposite who believes the movies heralds the impending ascend of female superiority. Femdom is just a game. Only those who are truly disturbed want to see one of the sexes being superior to the other. It is just plain unhealthy looking for it in a simple adventure story.

So why am I so cross about the notion of somebody looking for a strong woman dominating a man in something that is essentially a road movie? All forms of racism are rooted in observable differences in physical appearance between people. Instead of advocating equality between the sexes, someone is looking for whatever reason to elevate one over the other. The only reason for that is his or her - highly personal - sexual preference. To me that reeks of desperation and whatever strength or dominance such a person might have shown before, when desperation rules desire, all strength evaporates and despair is all that is left, turning its object into a laughing stock. Desperation for one's fix is dependence, a byword for unacceptable weakness. Learn from Furiosa (or Max - they are more akin than you think - but that is probably a step to far).

Racism has forever been the excuse of the Western World when it needed a bogus reason to legitimize slavery and exploitat those who are different (something that - adding insult to injury - worked both ways). And then somebody comes along who is into kink, rather desperately ... There are varying degrees of kink but the more extreme ones are those where one cannot live without it, rather than want it. If you go down that road, everything is filtered through the lense of femdom: always looking for a detail that might reveal a hidden clue as to how something, anything can be re-re-interpreted as at least a little bit femdumby. Once desire turns into desperation (defined as one cannot live without the notion that femdom is the invisible fabric of the universe), whatever strength that person had initially, turns into a despicable dependence, unattractive and far removed from the real world.

Why not accept that two people (no need for sexes), skilled in their craft, jointly rescue some other people (and yes painfully as it is, they are portrayed as hapless women).

Even better, rather than cheering at the achievements of female lead Furiosa, think about why woman are still not deemed ready for infantry regiments in the army. If you love femdom, you'll surely love the chance for women to have an equal chance to show how strong, stoic and heroic they can be (and often die a horrible death in the process), defending their country. A bit more serious, if you think I am joking just look at the fabulous women in Kurdistan fighting side by side with the men against ISIS!

No matter how often I read it, it is always hard to believe that at their deepest some people are yearning for a dual society, where people are separated into superior people (which those who desire such a divide obviously belong to) and the ones they deem as lesser people, based on some arbitrary physical characteristic, all because some people need that to make them happy. If you believe so, maybe you should read up on the Milgram experiment.

Would you accept a world were brown eyed people rule over those with blue eyes? So why would you accept a world where women rule over men, conveniently forgetting that the average woman has two children, meaning three quarters of them have at least one son.

In the end desperation, especially the kind fuelled by irate desire is very painful to watch and it makes you look down on the ones desperate enough to need it.

So the movie?

OK forget about the whole woman/man thing. Fury Road is a great movie. Two hours of almost non-stop action. They reduced the whole feelings thing to a bare minimum. The designs are beautiful, a lot of thought has gone into them. The movie was shot amidst the red sand dunes of Namibia. That by itself is more than enough reason to go see it!

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