Thursday, April 02, 2015

Me So Alpha

No matter how much fun your kink is, some things are just plain silly. It looks like the "deepest love is between sub and domme"-thing finally has subdued but a new flavour presents itself: the wannabe alpha's.

Yummy, those wannabe alpha's taste so good.

Good grief. Somebody calling herself Alpha-Miss-Whatever is always good for a few laughs, but when refers to himself as alpha submissive, whatever that is, my body starts to shake uncontrollably and my laughter will crumble any building within an 11 mile radius. Kink is fun, big fun, lots of fun, but why for goodness sake is it important for you to be an alpha human? Do you even know what you are saying? Because it is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet or because you somehow believe that by saying you are an Alpha female/male you instantaneously gain Harry Potter-like magical powers? Strength comes from accepting who you are and making the best of your skills and qualities, not from delusions about grandeur.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine tomorrow flesh eating zombies take over the world--yes--just like in The Walking Dead. Would you survive or get eaten? If you don't end up as lunch, are you able to protect and provide for your loved ones? Technically, for humans alpha means priority access to food, water and an abundance of partners of the opposite sex. Are you really willing to fight for that? Or do you believe that being assistant to the assistant store manager somehow makes you feel like being close to a one day potential alpha male and you wonder it might be you in the future, if only a little bit of that assistant store manager magic rubs of? Good grief, just accept yourself and your kink. You are who you are.

Ever seen the Godfather? All you need to be an alpha is to take it to the mattress and win. Good luck. You know why I always wear a watch with a steal bracelet? If you get into a fight, it doubles as as knuckle buster. Another tip, don't make a fist with your thumb inside it, it will break when you hit someone. For the record: I also enjoy being a slave/sub. Also remember that according to Sun Tzu to subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

Some people associate alpha behaviour with dominance, which they in turn confuse with leadership. If you are one of them, do you know why leaders always eat last? No? Really? It is the only way to guarantee for those in charge to guarantee that the men who follow him, fill their belly. If the men don't eat, the general most certainly does not. That is strength, dominance or whatever you call it and not the risk free attitude of some guy who thinks battling it out with four co-workers for the best desk makes him master of the universe. Ever heard of the expression "It is not about the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog"? Think about it!

Another real world example: just look at the Linked in profiles of your co-workers, how many of them brag about leadership skills - never displayed in real life of course - that make you laugh because they even loose the fight with their stapler every single time. Hold that thought and translate it to all those people who consider themselves alpha's - most likely the only reason they want to be an alpha is because they think when the shit hits the fan they are first in line for food rations. How's that for confidence and the ability to fight yourself to the top of the food chain? I know the rant keeps on going and going but I am so annoyed with all those self professed superhero's - that is - until they wake up in the morning.

Kink is fun, there is no need to pretend you're an alpha. Most people are not for the simple reason that alpha's take risks other people would not dream of - and a lot of them end up dead in the process. Simply accept that most people are not alpha's - it is one of the ills of modern day society that everybody wants to be a manager or leader - and understand that one's true value is not determined by one's leadership skills, but by one's overall contribution.  When it comes to the greater good - in times of trouble even alpha's have a hierarchy, their sense of who has the best skills to successfully execute a certain task is much more valuable than being a leader for being a leader's sake.

Maybe you should spend a little bit of time getting to know your domme or sub. Once you learn about the story behind their smile you see them in a whole new light, one that most likely will impress you much more than that of the worn out - me so alpha - chorus line. And yes in case you are wondering, that is a deliberate reference to the 1990 2 Life Crew smash hit.

So why this super rant? Somehow it feels like a force of nature but it happens every single time: there is an issue or problem and the people without clue or experience start to discuss useless solutions until they run aground, at which point others have to step in and solve it. There is just no fighting the phenomena, it feels like a tidal wave that keeps coming at you. Compare it to that horrible movie Groundhog Day.

Then again, perhaps wannabe alpha's are the "true" masochists for having this happening to them over and over again. Must be. Thank goodness, I am just an average unassuming guy who enjoys his kink, preferably served with a non-delusional portion of real life attitude.

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