Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Blacklist #216: Around the world in 80 dommes

Some slaves fantasize about being auctioned off for the night. No thanks. Not me. I am a one woman kind of guy and the same philosophy applies to any prospective mistress. Right now I am single and for some reason the idea of travelling around the world to see 80 dommes caught my attention.

Such a trip around the world is very different from being auctioned of to some unknown mistress, it is a journey of discovery (OK now you know never to buy a used car from me). Each mistress refers me to the next one based on our time together, what I need to learn, her network and previous entries in the diary. The diary itself, I imagine, is an old fashioned one with a lock, one in which all mistresses record details of our sessions as well as any additional comments. I am not sure if I will read the diary, but if I do it will be at the end.

With a little help from my friends

The journey starts with a friendly domme who looks after my personal safety during my 80 shades of travelling the globe. She knows me both as a person and a slave. We've spent (vanilla) time together and played together. Trust runs deep between us. It has to be. She knows my preferences and limitations. After our session she sends me to domme number two, which she chooses for me. Perhaps she selected her because the two of us might be a good fit, maybe there is something to be discovered, or it can be that she simply refers me to the next mistress' for her personal enjoyment. Who knows? My friendly domme writes the first entry in my journal. Think of it as part bio, part letter of introduction, but whatever it is, it will a major influence on my trip around the world.

Sounds like fun!

To be honest I would be scared beyond believe going on a trip like that. Maybe I am given a name that I can research but what if there is only a time and address? Everybody knows how the first time you session with a new mistress is more than just a little intimidating. Let's say session number two works out fine and mistress sends me of with an entry in the diary to the next one. Before you know it I am tied up in a dungeon somewhere in Asia, bending over a chair in an apartment in Iceland or led on a leash to a party in some country whose language I do not speak. And of course you will probably meet one or two mistress you weren't prepared for. They can be from your past or friends who all of a sudden turn out to have a kinky edge. Ouch.

Don't think this is some fantasy, it is actually rather intimidating. To do something like that would take more than a little bit of guts and more importantly someone who watches over me - fiercely. At some point during my travels I would probably rather wrestle an alligator but then again I would miss out on the diversity and versatility kink has to offer. There would be new highs and definitely some lows but the overall experience would be very intense.

I am not easily scared. Quite the contrary: most people think I am a bit daft to say the least, but to show up at some unknown mistress' door and surrender myself creeps me out beyond believe.

Full circle

Of course if you embark on a journey like this you do it because of the trust you put in she who watches over you, making one wonder why you should take the trip after all. You have come full circle before the first step.

My blacklist is a series of kinky ideas I find interesting. Some are totally out of whack, others may strike you as been there, done that. Posts are assigned a random number. For those of you complaining it's all about me: there is a reason they call it a bucket list..

Getting there

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