Thursday, June 05, 2014

Saharah Eve: Dommes Dishing Dommes. We All Gotta Make a Living

Every time Saharah Eve shows up in my search results I wonder who buys her clips. Her face is blurred, full screen copyright notice and all materials have a footer with a contact e-mail to report copyright infringements. Saharah Eve is free to do with her pics and clips as she likes but it feels like the emphasis is squarely on making money. Does she even enjoy herself? Who knows, her face is blurred.

Her profile says she is a female supremacist. Cool if you are into that. She is also very opinionated:

"Do you have a dungeon where I can...
I believe what you mean to ask is if I'm a "Pro Domina". The answer is no. I do not have a commercial faciility, nor do I charge per-hour for a transient one-on-one dominatrix "service". While I do make money from this site and give attention to callers on a pay line from time to time, that doesn't put me in the category you're seeking. With all respect to pros who also live the lives they project, I live real-life Female dominance as a lifestyle, not simply a fetish business. I suggest finding a professional Dominatrix through DDI, Tino's Domina List or some other similar resource. Good luck, and who may have a very fulfilling journey."

Saharah Eve not only considers herself a female supremacist but also superior to women who work as pro-dommes. The only thing she does is:

"give attention to callers on a pay line from time to time"

That is OK because female dominance is a lifestyle for Mrs. Eve, not just simply a fetish business. Saharah Eve charges by the minute unlike those wicked pro dommes who charge clients by the hour for a transient one-on-one. Perhaps she believes charging by the minute removes the casual element from the transaction and magically transfers whatever she thinks she does back into the realm of living real-life female dominance. Sure. Next year Disney is going to buy the movie rights to her life story. To drive the point home - she is in it for the lifestyle rather than cold hard cash like those poor, misguided pro dommes - Saharah explains how to serve her in the next paragraph:

"The chances of serving Me are slim....."
"This means building a relationship, not setting up a check-out line for here today, gone tomorrow types."
"If you are serious about pursuing this endeavor, you should first join My site."
"I refuse to talk to would-be servants who can't find the gumption to do so;"

Gumption? Really? To make sure it is about the lifestyle and not the money she repeats you have to join her site first:

"If you're truly interested in serving Me, join My site first."

I understand her mailbox fills up every morning with a load of crap and there are lots of people looking for freebies. Her life, her choices. Just don't say you are not in it for the money or pretend to be better than other women.

Findom is fine if you are into it but encouraging men to join your site for the odd chance to serve you is dishonest. It is like being forced to buy an entrance ticket to a lottery that is stacked in advance.

I fully understand the need for privacy but blurring your face to hide your identity might bite you in the ass. The software that blurs out your face uses rules like two up and three to the left and can be reversed. All you need is a powerful computer to spot the pattern. It may take a few years for it to become mainstream but it would be painful to have one's "youthful indiscretions" revealed by the time you have become "respectable."

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