Saturday, March 16, 2013

About this blog

"Hi man. I don't like your blog. I expected pictures and nude stuff and hot stories but hardly anything. Why do you bother with a blog anyway?"

Why this blog?

OK that is not an actual e-mail I received but it could have been. I started this blog to study writing, web design, html, css, working with colours and everything that goes with it. The best way to learn something is working on an actual project. Over time the emphasis will shift towards sharing my opinions, the second reason I started 11dutch. My blog does not have much nudity or kinky stories. Maybe I add that in the future. Right now I am still thinking which format suits me. I want it to be more than just any kind of kink content to fill the blog. A little ambition never hurt anyone. It has to be me. Others are much better at that. And for pictures there is always my Tumblr. Tumblr is great. I love it.

My perspective

This blog is about femdom and BDSM. Everything is from a mistress and male slave perspective. Most of my writing looks at femdom from a vanilla point of view, often curious and wondering. What I write is my opinion as a person, not as a sub. Say what is on your mind. Write to me. I love it. Feel free to disagree with me, but please be intelligent about it. Comments like 'you are so wrong' pretty much stop the discussion right away.
"Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one"
― Harry Callahan (The Dead Pool)
Part of BDSM is about exploring a power dynamic. Many people write from within. I mostly do not. Sometimes I wonder if that power dynamic stops us from having proper conversations or writing what we feel and think.

The subtitle of my blog is 'one man's blog on femdom and bdsm. part of me. not all of me.' Sex is a staple of human life. BDSM is part of my sexual identity. Yes it complicates things. So what? Nothing worthwhile is every easy. The cruelest fate is not for those who do not find a compatible partner, it it for those whose true mistress or master is kink rather than their loved one.

A true trueism

No rest for this cynic, but science is on my side. In 2012 scientists identified the difference between love and lust in the brain for the first time. In the end submission and dominance is about your own desires, no matter how you label it. It is not a bad thing, but call it what it is.
"The desire of love is to give
The desire of lust is to get"
Putting someone else's needs before your own without expecting something in return is an act of love. That is why true love is the ultimate submission. The twue beliebers and the Cult of the Submission as a Precious Gift (to one self) wil vilify me for this but ask yourself what happens to your relationship if you take away the kink? It does not mean BDSM and d/s are not a valuable component of a relationship. Just do not confuse or compare it with love.

If you are interested, you can read more on the meaning of my name 11dutch. The about me section follows shortly. Whatever you read on this blog, please remember:
"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling."
― Oscar Wilde

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