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11dutch: What's in a Name?

Of course the name 11dutch has special meaning. Silly question. It all started with me opening a Twitter account. I needed a nom de plume and was reminded of an old fairy tale. It is a funny story but you can skip it if you like.

netherlands, bike in front of old mill

A cautionary tale
A long time ago, somewhere far, far away a slave choose iwilldoanythingforyoumistressuntilitdawnsonmewhatijustpromised as his nick. A name like that always makes me smile. Mistress’ first instruction for her slave was to start using his brain. The slave was disappointed. Using your brain is not kinky. What a turn off. He told his mistress it was not going to work out (…) and looked for another mistress at which point the story probably repeated itself. Centuries later a psychiatrist labelled it “subliminal repetitive self conditioning masochism syndrome” or in plain English chasing your own tail.

Build a Better Slave...
A second slave was an ardent student of history and crazy about woman's ear lobes. He knew better than to make silly promises. He called himself allIwantdoistonibbleyourearlobes. One day while gently nibbling mistress’ earlobes he looked down and saw a pair of beautiful feet. He liked them too. So he added …andkisyourfeet to his nick. The slave alternated between those lovely ear lobes and gorgeous feet. Every time he travelled down south or back north he saw so much beauty everywhere. Mistress’ body was a work of art, waiting to be discovered. He fell for her belly and that soft spot in her neck and added it to his rather long nick name. One day travelling north our slave had a little accident. He bumped into mistress’ gorgeous breasts. Oh heavenly bliss. He realized what a fool he was limiting himself to only certain parts of her body. Everything about her is beautiful. From then on his mouth and hands travelled criss cross across mistress' velvet skin that is the motorway of her body. The journey becomes the destination. Naughty as our slave is he makes sure he accidentally bumps into mistress' beautiful breasts as often as possible. Life is perfect. He achieves peace of mind and realizes he loves mistress for all that she is. Her smarts, her guts, her strength, her trust, her smile, the sparkle in her eyes, her beauty and so on. He never realized it before busy travelling but there is so much more to discover and love about Mistress. The prospect fills him with joy. Unfortunately there is only so much happiness a slave can take and his brain exploded...

Sorry! You did not really think there was a happy end to this story would you? Now you know why I would never choose a nick name like that. I like to think I am more than the sum of my desires. I know mistress wants me to be. Some of the time at least. I learned my lesson and hopefully choose less unwisely. Yes my brain did explode at some point. It was the very moment I met mistress for the first time. It still explodes every now and then. To be honest they do not call me crazy for nothing.

So What Does 11Dutch Really Mean?
Dutch? That one is obvious. It refers to Dutchland, the country where sadistic and dominant women rule over their subs and slaves with love. It is a mythical country located West of Germany and North of Belgium, separated only by water from Big Britain. It is similar to Camelot, El Dorado, Shangri La, Atlantis or heaven even though stubborn Americans refer to it as Holland or the Netherlands. Yes I am Dutch, but home is where the heart is.

Amsterdam, bike parking, two stories
Forget tulips, clogs and windmills. Bikes is what the Netherlands is all about.
Now for the 11 part
Think of a date. No, not any date but one that has special meaning to my mistress. Add the two digits for the day and the two digits for the month and you get 11. Looking at that number I saw two stick figures (I have a vivid imagination), one representing mistress and the other one me. Depending on the font being used it looks like the two digits share a single base, as if they are connected, intertwined somehow. It reminded me of the fable of Baucis and Philemon, and elderly couple in Greek mythology who were granted a wish by the gods. They wished that when it came time for one of them to die, the other would die as well. Upon their death, they were changed into an intertwining pair of trees. Connecting the two one's with Baucis and Philemon's love story, I knew 11dutch was perfect.

Baucis and Philemon
Baucis and Philemon

There is another secret reason why the name is so apt. The first time mistress heard about it she gasped for breath. I think there and then she decided I was a little crazy. Twelve is perceived to be the perfect number. Eleven is twelve minus one, aka fools number. Guess mistress is always right.

F11 on your keyboard toggles your web browser between normal and full screen. Think of me like that. The vanilla me and the kinky me. F11 stands for both sides of my personality, like the ace in a deck of cards. It can count for either one or eleven. Once again two faced, or perhaps more aptly yin and yang, complementary and opposing at the same time.
Hell is the world we live in according to Buddhism. The word 'Hell' is a term for painful sensations. According to the Buddha, we are burning from eleven kinds of physical pain and mental agony: lust, hatred, illusion sickness, decay, death, worry, lamentation, pain(physical and mental), melancholy and grief.

In Christianity the number eleven represents incompleteness for Jakob whose family was incomplete because one of his 12 sons was in sold into slavery (Genesis 32:22). For me incomplete simply means being without mistress. Hence 11.

Finally some geek stuff. Eleven is a prime number. A prime number is a number you can only divide by itself and one. It is unique. I love the stark contrast with being incomplete. So even though you are unique you are also incomplete without your mistress.

In the end I prefer to look at eleven as two stick figures symbolizing mistress and me: equal in love, equal in life but unequal in kink.

Note: after we broke up I decided to keep the name 11dutch. I like it, it is unique and its pedigree is rooted in love.

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