Writer's Block

Help! I am researching a couple of topics and am stuck. Feel free to contact me with whatever you like

1. The Beast Yapoo
The beast Yapoo - loosely translated as human animal or human livestock - is a Japanese science fiction novel with a strong background theme. It has never been translated into English. The femdom video label Yapoo is named after it. English sources on both the novel and the video label are scarce.

Three posts about about it I have written sofar:
  1. The Beast Yapoo I: Novel of Post-War Japan
  2. The Beast Yapoo II: Absolute Existence - Mistress Naomi Asano
  3. The Beast Yapoo III: Translation in Progress
If you have any info, please contact me.

2. OWK - The Other World Kingdom
A few years ago the Other World Kingdom closed it doors. I'm very much interested in the history of the place. I am also curious about the business details, they are sketchy. It's Wikipedia page refers to an old article that states the startup costs were about 2 million. What would it take to ressurect the OWK - in a different locations obvious. Any info or link is highly appreciated.

3. Domme Deficit: is it really 20 to 1. Why? What?
With male subs outnumbering female dommes 20 to 1, it is surprising there are so many dommes who cannot find a compatible submissve partner. Reading lots of blogposts and comparing vanilla to kink have taught me a lot, but if at all the direction my research is going, indicate that the gap should be even wider. Any thoughts or ideas, please share.

4. Namio Harukawa
There is little information about  Yapoo in English, but even less about Namio Harukawa, the famous Japanese femdom artist. Any information is appreciated, feel free to drop me a line.

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