Saturday, August 13, 2016

One Woman Standing Up Against Injustice

Another shooting, another protest. Who keeps track? The truth is no longer relevant. In recent events, one woman stood out: Mrs. Ieisha Evans

The only danger Mrs. Ieisha Evans posses is the truth. Scary stuff and so on if you are a bad guy.

OK, I made up that headline because it sounds right. A few weeks ago I wrote about how in the end nobody wins. My question is plain and simple. Why arrest a woman who poses no threat, whichever way you look at it. It ain't wrong, it's plain evil. Coming from a Caucasian male, that means things are bad, as is bad beyond repair. Let's hope I'm wrong.

I'm all-right. I'll always be. Caucasian male with a three piece suit to spare and so on. But what about the people I love? What if she were my daughter? Yes I'd be proud of her. I'd also be terribly scared. Not only because she has to live in a dishonest world where checks and balances are only for those who fit the profile. Find yourself outside of the mould and you are on your own. Grrr.

Why the hell is the police - full riot gear and so on - afraid of just one woman wearing an [elegant] dress and flat shoes? Most likely because they are dead-wrong and she is right. A single woman whose only weapons are a plain dress and the truth. Mrs. Ieshia Evans is formidable, standing up against the forces of evil. She represents all that is good. Not that anyone notices.

My blog oughta deal with hot kinky stuff beyond your wildest dreams and so on. Steaming images of serious femdom shit 'n stuff. Yes I like my fun to be a little crazy. In the end, what it boils down to is the woman - just one. That is all that I need - she who impresses me. No need for riot gear or kinky outfits. Just a single woman with the truth on her side. If I were one of the bad guys, I'd run too. But full force and heavy handed n stuff just to arrest a single Mum who has the truth on her side? Isn't that where justice takes a turn for the worse? As in the good guys become bad guys and bad things turns into evil stuff?

Mrs. Ieshia Evans has a six year old son. He asked her: "why? I thought only bad people get arrested?” How to explain to him, why she got arrested. Shit happens won't do. It ain't true either. Everybody knows the police doesn't make random mistakes. So in the end all she can say is “You know what? That’s not always the case.”

Yes I know. Not hot n horny. But once you snap out of the illusion, you'll discover there is more to life than the pyramid of reality as heralded as the zenith of joy by press and politicians. Not all fun of course. And most certainly not consensual for the unlucky many.

You can read more about it in The Guardian

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