Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Foot Fetishists Save the Day and Exhonorate Politician

These are the feet of Sydney Leather. It is also Sydney Leather's picture.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a newly elected US Congress woman. Last week a crudely edited video of her dancing in college surfaced, intended to shame her. It backfired. This morning, reading the papers, Quartz Daily News reported how a fake nude pic of her was debunked by foot fetishists. Users cross-referenced the image with other photos of the congresswoman’s feet.

It caught my attention because I didn't understand what's wrong with posting a picture of your own feet. It turns out it's not about the feet but about some blurry image of the women's breasts that can be seen in the faucet reflection. Certain elements in society believe that would be a grave mistake for a politician. The really creepy thing, of course, is, that there is someone who 'discovers' this and tries to link it to a politician, one (I assume) he hates. That's seriously unhealthy.

Luckily for Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez there are quite a few dedicated foot fetishists. Some of them are a bit scary, agreed. Did you know for instance there is something called Wikifeet? It's basically a catalogue of the feet of famous women. For some it must be the ultimate porn collection. Unlike breasts and assuming most women would object to having their feet showcased on the site if they realized what it was used for, hardly anyone complains about it.

Apparently the feet in the picture are unusual and one user on Wikifeet cross-referenced them with images of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez feet and they don't match. The feet in the picture belong to Sydney Leathers, activist and cam model. If you're interested Motherboard has all the details.

I'm not gonna say there is no privacy anymore, but it's a crazy story nonetheless. I finally realized just how big a thing foot fetish is. The real shocker is that some people have two sets of rules. One deals with people like themselves. The other one applies to everyone and everything they hate and despise, especially in pleasure and politics. That second set is only one rule: you can trample on the rights of those you don't like.

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