Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Slave to my Goddess/Wife"

I wrote about the capitalization debate before but when I saw this blog's byline, I wondered what mattered most.

"Slave to my Goddess/Wife", somehow that doesn't sound right. For starters you need to change the title into a proper sentence:
"I Am Slave To My Goddess/Wife"

Most news articles will edit the header to look something like this:
"I am a slave to my goddess and wife."

Die-hard dommes probably object to capitalizing the word "I", therefore you have:
"i am a slave to my goddess and wife."

If you insist that a sentence needs to start with a capital, how about:
"i Am a slave to my goddess and wife"

Next you obviously have to capitalize the word goddess, at least in "our community." This is where things begin to looks silly:
"i Am a slave to my Goddess and wife"

Somehow that doesn't make sense. First of all i prefer proper sentences, the ones that start with a capital, so back we go:
"I am a slave to my Goddess and wife"

That still doesn't feel right and not for the word "Goddess". Love, life, certain things, stuff and above else femdom are all about rigid hierarchies and the correct order of things. Therefore we arrange the words to "properly" reflect what matters most. Don't laugh, I'm dead serious here.
"I am a slave to my wife and Goddess"

If any word deserves capitalization, it is wife. After all there are many women who lay claim to be a goddess, but only one woman is your wife.
"I am a slave to my Wife and goddess"

Perhaps even better, let's omit the word "goddess". If you don't feel about her that way, why marry her in the first place?
"I am a slave to my Wife"

Those lucky enough to marry the one they love and worship will slip up at some point. They should. You better!
"I am a slave to MY wife"

An infraction of the heart. Who can blame you? It is worse if you don't slip up every once in a while. Shhh, think about what I just said for a minute.
If you don't rejoice in the fact she is yours, you better...

Sorry to interrupt, I know what's wrong with that sentence:
"My wife, I am Your slave."

Of course you are. She knows.
Still too much.

"I am yours." or even better:

Of course I am hers, she knows and I know. Not wanting to be selfish here but the other way around is so much more impressive. Thinking about it causes the occasional slip of the tongue - no more than eleven times a day. Luckily, for the most part it is limited to my internal monologue:

"All MINE"

Next, music starts playing in my head. Can you blame me? By then I usually crash-land from my day dreams:
"Wife, Goddess."

Even shorter? Initials only perhaps? Nah. No need to. She knows. I know. She knows.


"What's going on officer?"
"Same old, same old. Nothing to see here folks. Just move along."

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