Monday, May 30, 2016

Pieces of Margo - Blog Recommendation

I don't often recommend blogs.  The last one was the history of BDSM blog. Even though I'm not into parrots - unicorns and dragons are more my kind of thing - you might wanna take a look at Miss Margot's blog, more than just a professional dominatrix.

Compartimentalized but also complete and with a kind heart.

Most kink blogs I read, deal with either one of two things. The majority writes about the “journey”, aka “why am I not living the kinky dream?” That goes for both dommes and subs. The other is “how can I fetishfy everything in my life?” Underneath it all is so much selfishness. On more than one occasion, I stopped following a blog because of that or wrote a wry comment. Believe me, just for that, the femdom police has knocked down my door more than once – full riot gear and so on.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Perfume: Of Fragrance and Femdom
Scent of a Woman

If you think there is nothing farther removed from kink than perfume, think again. Even though I'm all in favour of toys and hot leather outfits, that is not what femdom and love are all about.

dominatrix or femdom parfum. roja parfums enslaved, cartier le baiser du dragon, kiss from a dragon
Don't judge a book by its cover.
If you do, go for something more intoxicating. How 'bout kiss from a dragon?

The joys of a rainy Sunday afternoon sometimes include running into a superb blog about perfumes. Yes, that is right, the guy who once came home on a Sunday night with mistress' underwear hiding in his weekend bag - by accident of course - not that mistress believed me, is reading about perfume n stuff.  When I told her about the stowaway, she asked:

"Are you building a shrine in my honour?"

Dutch replied something like: "My heart serves as your shrine." Superfluous and she knew.[1] Fast forward several years and I find myself browsing "Perfume Shrine." Oh irony! It is a superb blog. The author loves writing at least as much as she cares for her potions.

After reading posts such as "Is perfume political, you bet" it came as little surprise to find a number of posts on the subject of perfume and BDSM. They are all excellent blog posts and its topic made me think about men, women, love, Chanel No. 5 and perfumes in general. My mind drifted away and started pondering the deeper significance of a man buying a new fragrance for his mistress. Enter the twilight zone...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why Dommes Should Stop Complain Being an Object of Interest

Grown men suffer more, so much more. Mistress where are thou. Please set me free.

Before (she discovers nipple clamps): Tower of power. The writing is on the wall. Just wait until she finds out about the dark side. Now tell me again, what choice do we men have? (Image credits: unknown)

All men are into femdom. Most of us just never realize. Nor does their significant other. One more cosmic joke. We all look for a compatible partner, one that makes us happy. When we do, we discover nothing matters more than making them happy. Even if their happiness is not necessarily ours. And yes for dommes that spells the difference between mere suffering and happy suffering. Now try to explain that E. L. James.

Yes there are twenty men for each prospective domme. Now assume you are man and plain vanilla. You also are over 25 or 30. As a kid the main reason your 16 year old self hated secondary school was the girl you fancied had an 18 year old boyfriend who owned a car. Only two more years...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Where Femdom Meets Art

Art is about the beauty of happiness. So is femdom. Beauty is where the two of them meet, a concept more often than not that is hard to grasp. Some images.

A classic femdom image, which to me says art. (Credits unknown)

By itself not necessarily a force for good, creativity is a tool, used and abused by many to get their message across - or stay in power. The power of creativity not only serves sales people, artists and oppressionists, but people from every walk of live. That, in the end, makes it a force for anything that is considered worthwhile and benevolent.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi Not Guilty on 5 Counts of Sexual Assault

Last March in the first of two sexual assault trials, Mr. Ghomeshi was acquitted of all charges. A second trial that addresses a complaint of a co-worker is set to begin on June 6.

Mr. Ghomeshi leaves court with his lawyer. (Image: The Guardian)

Initially Mr. Ghomeshi was charged with eight counts of sexual assault. He has been acquitted of five of them now. Two more were dropped by the prosecution citing a low chance of conviction. The second trial will begin in two weeks time.

Even after the ruling the case remains highly controversial. A good indicator is usually the various ways the press reports about it. CBC, Mr. Ghomeshi's former employer writes about the ruling:

"Judge William Horkins, in a searing rebuke of the complainants, said that their "deceptive and manipulative" evidence raised a reasonable doubt in the guilt of Ghomeshi."

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Highly Tributed Lifestyle Domme Part III  
Disagree with Miss P

In this third installment of the "highly tributed lifestyle domme" I write at length about what got me so cross in the first place. Why anybody explains, she is not into pro-domming, is a rather curious question. It also is the author's prerogative to write about anything she wants. Nobody would ever dream about writing something like this about dentists - which is kind of the same - and that is before the lawyers come in. So why is OK to disrespect pro-dommes?

Of course it only happens when you feel so dominant.

1.    Why?

One day, some years ago I was as high on a happy vibe as I’ll ever be, I finished my writing with some scathing comment on just how useless management consultants really are. Advising a business is all about making money from problems no-one else considered an issue before. I was reminded of just that when I read Miss Pearl’s post.

For a while now I’ve been researching the 20-1 domme deficit. It’s how I ran into Miss Pearl, explaining why she’ll never be a pro-domme. Why does anyone feel the need to explain two unrelated things? It is as silly as me writing about why I’ll never be a pro-rebel. And yes that is funny!

The preliminary results of my research seem to indicate kink-oriented women and men look for something different in a partner. A bit contentious but most likely it goes back to fundamental differences between men and women, aka Venus vs Mars.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Portrait of Harriet Tubman to Grace $20 Bill

On April 20 the US Treasury announced its decision that Harriet Tubman, the anti-slavery campaigner, is set to appear on the front of the $20 bill, becoming the first woman to be the face of a bill of US currency.

Reallife superheroes are priceless.

Slaves who own dishwashers are underrated, whether they’re owned or not. Time flies anyway, so why waste it? I wanted to write about the new $20 bill before, but today seems equally apt. May 5 is Liberation Day in the Netherlands. We Dutch celebrate the end of World War II. On top of that it is Ascension Day.

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