Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why Does Being Whipped Hurt?

It is self-evident that being whipped hurts. But why? Pain is the body's way of saying something's bad for you and it wants you to end it.
Guess what? The Gringe is back. Of course he is isn’t after me, too benign. Evil only harms the ones you love. All options – including doing nothing – make it worse. On several occasions I woke up in the middle of the night, dreaming how I beat that asshole into a bloody pulp with a baseball bat. 

For some absurd reason – distraction perhaps – it made me wonder why whips hurt. Simple question, ain’t it? Well, it is not. Search for it and you find a long list mainly about why whips crack. Apparentely people are intrigued by the sound of it. Whether or not a whip hurts more than a plank is a different question altogether. I’ll save the nature of pain for another time. Let’s first try to find out why a whip hurts.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Femdom Is Not a Self Help Book

Too often femdom is portrayed as a second rate choice for women who can’t get a boyfriend, rather than acknowleding kink is part of your sexual identity. Swap BDSM for gay and nobody would dream to come up with such an idea. When it comes to kink, somehow it is fine.

 In one of today’s newsletters I found a link to a story about an ugly duck who takes a dominatrix class as the cure to a unhappy vanilla love life. As if. It is your usual harrowing tale, that is before you take into account the editoral freedom the author – a freelance writer and comedian – allows herself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Future of Femdom Part I  

With Fifty Shades in one hand and Clips4Sale in the other, femdom is experiencing a pivotal moment. Make or break, I believe. Those of us with kink in our DNA, we face obliteration by means of commercialisation. Any fix, for a price.

A while ago I watched a series of interviews with dominatrixes. Rather than asking interesting or  - heaven forbid - tough questions, the interviewer was so overwhelmed in the presence of Her Graciousness, he couldn’t stop sucking up. Such a shame. There is so much more to ask. When you sit down with a domme, who allows you to pick her brain, make the best of it. Whatever they have to say, I am sure, is guaranteed to fill more than a couple of Fifty Shades volumes. So I turned it around. What questions would I like to ask?

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Set An Example. No More Viagra. Tit For Tat.

A US Congress woman introduces a bill that makes it hard for men to obtain a prescription for Viagra. Simply to prove how difficult it is for women to get an abortion. Don't fight evil with evil.

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me - Mae West
There is more to happiness than meets the eye.

Even a smartass like me sometimes gets it wrong. I always believed Viagra was invented to make slaves suffer more. You know, just say the magic words: “open wide boi”  After which mistress pops you a pill and throws in a free chastity device. Funny thing then it is not the cage that grows on the slave. It is the blue miracle which takes away most of his autonomy. You know, that unruly and mostly indepedant part of every slave.

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