Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pain in Paradise

A lovely image of a mistress whipping her slave in a tropical setting, got me carried away. Even if in the end it is just a beautiful image. Or maybe, I'm just very ambitious when it comes to kink.

cover japanese femdom movie JBD-123 Feast of Nana Saeki – Torture by the sea. Mistress whips slave girl, while standing in the ocean.
Unfortunately, no time to enjoy the scenary.

Perhaps living on an island has its advantages after all. And by that I mean Japan, not the Island of Camerloton.

A while ago Femdom Resource wondered whether femdom is a holiday from yourself. The short answer is no, but I am still thinking about the rest of my reply. But if it were, the destination in this image is as good as it gets. To most vanilla people, femdom is some exotic sexual destination. We kinksters are entitled to that too!

One reason I suspect the OWK failed, is location. OWK2.0 is another project of mine, one day that is. Moving it to a friendlier climate is top of my list. For some reason Rimini, the Italian seaside resort, always comes to mind. But with me raving on about Japan, why not relocate it to the islands where the sun rises instead?

Tokyo is sizzling hot during Summer and freezing cold in Winter. The southern part of Japan however, has a sub-tropical climate. Outdoor play all-year long if you want. The setting is nothing short of breathtaking. Unlike your average standard black dungeon room, in whatever rainy Western country you live. Yes most of them come with a hint of red. So? Who cares if you can opt for the little piece of paradise in this image?

It is a magnificent setting. First you have the deep blue sea in the background. To make things more interesting both mistress and her slavegirl are standing in the water. Rather than wearing yet another hot leather outfit, her evilness is dressed in a kimono. The whip she holds is more than impressive. Together all those elements make the perfect setting for some quality serious suffering time.

Is it real? Just a dream perhaps? Actually the image is the cover for a Japanese femdom video. I argued before how femdom can be art and whether you agree or not, this image at a minimum lifts it from the mundane.

Kink is about happiness. So why not choose an enjoyable setting? Whatever you think of this image, I just love it. And not just because it sparks the imagination.

cover japanese femdom movie JBD-123 Feast of Nana Saeki – Torture by the sea. Mistress whips slave girl, while standing in the ocean.
"Whipping by the sea" is its official translation.
I prefer pain in paradise.
But we all know things get lost in translation.

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