Friday, February 26, 2016

Germany's Next Top Model Owns a Slave

A contestant on Germany's Next Top Model explains she is a dominatrix. What follows is more than just sanctimonious as jury member and former model Heidi Klum humiliates herself for better ratings.

Sarah from Germany's next top model is a dominatrix who has a slave at home. Jury member and model Heidi Klum does not like it. "Ich habe einen Haussklaven!" GNTM
The eyes, the smile. Add honesty and strength of character. What is not to like. Let's ask Heidi.

Fifty Shades is kind of acceptable to the general public. That is, if you read it on your way to work. At home you obviously read something more upbeat like "War and Peace". So much for social acceptance of femdom. It ain't ever gonna happen.

Of course most vanilla's don't understand why you love BDSM. Not even kinksters know what drives them. But if you want to be Germany's next top model, better don't tell Heidi Klum you're a dominatrix who keeps a happy slave boy locked-up at home.

To be honest, for a woman whose work it is to seduce people with just her looks, so they buy this week's crap, her reaction is surprising. And not just because she has a hard time pronouncing the word BDSM. Then again, life is a stage and a 42 year old model-mama has to fight for her place under the sun. At any cost.

The clip on Germany's Next Top Model goes something like this:

It is showtime. Next up is Sarah, a twenty year old red head. In today's notes Heidi Klum reads all about the contestant's irregular hobby. Sarah is a dominatrix, who owns a slave.

"In my spare time I practice BDSM. Preferably with my very own property"
"So what is this B euh D SenM thing really about"

For some years now GNTM's rating have been slipping. Heidi knows that perfectly well. Most likely the producers invited Sarah for that reason.

Sarah kindly explains anything that happens is consensual. It is not enough for our triple M celebrity (Model, Mama & Milf).

"When he doesn't behave, I put him on a leash."
"Is it legal?" 3M wants to know. Sounds very much scripted to me.

"How much does it cost?" asks 3M.
Undeterred Sarah continues to answer questions.
"No it is the other way around"
"I wouldn't spend a single dime on him"

Of course Sarah doesn't make it to the next round. At the age of 20, she understands better than most of us how social media will haunt you for the rest of your life. What she most likely didn't count on is the willingness of past-their-prime models and TV networks to ruin people's lives for ratings.

And the winner is?
So it pretty much looks like Real Evil vs Consensual Kink ends in 1 - 0. Not necessarily true. The real losers here are the networks and 3M Heidi Klum. From a ratings point of view, the producers should have allowed Sarah to move on to the next round. I've had it with pretty girls whose big dream it is to make the world a better place by opening a bird centre for emotionally defective sparrows in Antarctica. Believe me, I'm not the only one.

The other loser is 3M, the jury member who undermined the paradigm shift a whole generation of marketing geniuses has been working upon. They taught us, what separates a supermodel from a mere model is character. Who she is, is the secret ingredient that shines through in everything she does, including the advertising meant to seduce us. The one thing those smart ass ad guys didn't take into account is the desperation of some p-t-p model to linger on in the limelight just a little longer. Character is part about respecting other people's choices, even if we do not understand their choices. To take advantage of someone, whose definition of happiness is not yours, only goes to show you are desperate.

As for contestant Sarah, I respect her boldness. Yes, I love her eyes. No, the red hair didn't do it for me, even though I have this thing for redheads. Let me emphasize, I admire her as a woman. She spoke boldy about who she is, what she wants and what makes her happy. That says a lot about who you are. It also shows strength. We all know it is an excellent quality for a domme. That and the fact she prefers to play with her very own property.
I often wonder about the future of femdom, but whatever direction we are heading, kink definitely needs more women like her. Dear Sarah, I really hope things work out for you.

I found the article on the blog of Domina Lady Sas. Most of her blog is in German.

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