Thursday, January 07, 2016

Safe in Her Arms: Submission Comes in Many Ways

A 1960’s image of a man asleep in the arms of a woman. Happy where he belongs. Me, I not only see love but also his complete surrender to her. She is the woman you love and also your mistress. Today is about submission without pain.

Drawing of a Japanese woman in green kimono holds a man safe in her arms. She kisses his forehead. Art by American artist Coby Whitmore, 1961, “The Eternal Blossom”
Her hand gently pulls him closer. He remains vast asleep as she plant a gentle kiss on his forehead. Today is for love. Tomorrow is for suffering. (Image by Coby Whitmore)

Let’s keep it simple. She is my mistress and I am her slave. It is part of who we are. Not necessesarily why we are together though. If you can make a relationship work with an extra layer of complexity, it only adds to its beauty. It becomes a source of joy. I was thinking of that as I discovered this image. I love it.

If it doesn’t captivate you, it is hard to explain what makes this image so special. Part of it is about taking of your mask when you are with the one you love. Him in her arms rather than the other way around adds an element of vulnerability and trust. For a man to fall asleep in the arms of the woman he loves, means it runs deep. Some of us will deny it, but they are lying. It also illustrates we men only surrender to that what really matters.

Kink (too) often emphasizes artificial differences between people, where there are none. Two different continents is what separated this woman and the man in her arms, yet here they are. On top of that they defy the usual man/woman conventions – especially if you account for their background. What better way is there to illustrate submission comes in many different – and often almost invisible – forms? Love is one of them. It also is the most potent one.

I featured similar pictures on my blog before. They are very powerful images. On one hand femdom is about you on your knees in front of her. Mistress is sitting in a chair looking at you – happy to see you surrender and pleased with your genuine devotion. At other times the two of you are together on the couch. No special meaning. My head is resting in her lap. I’m tired, but happy to finally be home with her. I can’t help but to pull up her skirt and kiss her beautiful belly before I fall asleep in her lap. She forgives my infraction for she understands and feels the same.

The image is by American artist Coby Whitmore dated 1961. It is titled “The Eternal Blossom” I looked at it at least a dozen times and I just love it. Because there is more. And because it runs deeper.

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