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Teresa May: Copyright Violations and Real Dishonesty

Most of you know I also run a Tumblr blog. Yesterday I received a copyright infringement notice. Next time it happens Tumblr shuts me down. With no way to defend myself and not knowing what it is about I looked at the claimant's website. As it turns out former page 3 girl Teresa May, born Teresa Betteridge, switched to pro-domming when that part of her career was over. Looking at her website it doesn't feel her heart is in it. Not only is Teresa the kind of woman who gives kink a bad name - to desperate for money - judging from her images, born in 1966, it looks like she "forgot" to update her photo's for at least two decades. How's that for honesty?

So Dutch has been a bad boy. Remember you heard it here first. Allegedly he violated someone's copyright on Tumblr. Of course that wasn't his intention but modern day copyright management is a quagmire.

Apparently there was a post on his Tumblr blog that violated someone else's copyrights. My most profound apologies. As per Tumblr policy the post has been removed before you can analyse the validity of the claim. So I emailed the Yahoo serfs and asked them to show me which post they say violated somebody's copyrights.

...Tumblr has removed the post, just like the first time, so how do I know what image it is about and whether I should contest it?

In return they replied with their usual corporate non-speak:

You should only post copyrighted content on your blog if you're the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder. If you can't find a way to get such permission, you shouldn't post the content in order to comply with copyright law.

Obviously, but which post are we talking about? I still don't know, so how can I contest its premature removal?

Tumblr's initial email went like this:

"...Description: This image has been taken from my website and my copyright logo removed. Please refer your user to my copyright notice informing that under no circumstances is my material to be posted on Tumblr. You can find my copyright notice here."

In all fairness I don't even know who she is, so first thing I did, was looking up her website. Aged and defunct are the kindest things I can say about it. The copyright page returns a 404 error, so I am still in the dark.

With Tumblr - one of many uninterested corporate bullies -  being really unhelpful and no copyright notice to be found on the claimants site I am stuck. It feels a bit like the famous Franz Kafka novel: Der Prozeß (The Trial) where the main character is charged with some crime but never finds out what he is accused of. Still it ends badly for the novel's protagonist.

Of course you can file a counter suit. Unfortunately anyone can file a copyright claim under the 2000 DMCA act. If you want to challenge it, you have to provide your real name, and that is a stretch. It is just some picture isn't it. The claimant doesn't have to when they file their initial claim, and in this case the lady didn't.

Yesterday's Page 3 superstar girl

Being Dutch I have scant knowledge of British page three girls, especially former ones approaching fifty, so I asked my kinky friends. Theresa May was one of the original Sun newspaper Page 3 superstar girls. She switched into pro-domming after that part of her career was over. Somebody else pointed me to her IMDB page. Theresa May was born on December 15, 1966 in Surrey, England as Teresa Betteridge. Like I said anybody can file a DMCA copyright claim, but the defendant has to respond with her or his real name.

Born in 1966, Ms. Betteridge turns 49 this December. I am a guy and like half the population I am terrible at guessing people's age. Look at her website and you'll notice she looks a lot younger than close to fifty years old in a number of pictures. Even though it classifies as fair use, I am not going to put up a print screen of her here. Take a look at the pictures and you'll understand the age discrepancy.

"All about the money"

Browsing her - more than somewhat outdated - website, the whole thing reeks of a desperate money making scheme. The landing page is an add where Teresa begs for gifts. Her highness Teresa is looking for that special financial slave, one who will lavish his mistress with expensive gifts. Buckle up and get ready for some fun because those "expensive" gifts include a laptop, Ipad2 (?) and a large Gucci bag. No Louboutins my dear? Not sure whether an iPad or laptop qualify as expensive if you run a dungeon out of Central London, perhaps the most expensive piece of real estate anywhere in the world. Guess this is a prime example of a greedy outsider, whose actions give BDSM a bad name.

However no amount of pecunia is too small because Mistress (first time ever I capitalize the word) Teresa doesn't talk to slaves for free. Oh no. It feels a bit like going to the supermarket and having to pay extra just to stand in line to pay for your daily groceries. You have to text her Teresaness (Texts cost GBP 1.50 each. Max of four texts in return). Of course you'll never know whether you are talking to her Betteridge-ness or some callcenter in India, with the radio playing Bon Jovi's "You give kink a bad name" in the background. I know there are a lot of ass-holes who contact a mistress, ask all kinds of questions, yet fail to show up. Still, having to pay for the privilege of finding out whether mistress and you are compatible, that is too much even for me. Yes, really! Remember I am Dutch. You get it now?

Teresa doesn't get it: Age is just a number.

Of course everybody is entitled to run their business as they please. But having a dominant character is not the same as treating people like shit or being dishonest and lie to them. Au contraire! Advertising one's services, you should definitely be honest about your age. Like any relationship, strength of character and personality are so much more important than age. Age is just a number. It also goes to show that mistress(!) Teresa does not understand the fundamentals of BDSM. Where most men laugh at some 20 year old domme with "many" years (poor Ken) of experience under her belt, there is no way a similar thought crops up in the presence of a more seasoned mistress. Character, like good wine, takes time. It is not about how deep you fall - it happens to all of us - but how you rise after you fall. Unfortunately for some, the bottle containing the essence of life is occasionally stored near an oven and the essential ingredients necessary to build one's character over the years can't stand the heat, meaning as time goes by they continue to harbour the same beliefs they had when they were twenty, even though almost three decades since have passed.

There is also tremendous strength in honesty. Most people experience some bewilderment upon discovering they are into BDSM: "I am a twue alpha male, I cannot have those ghastly submissive feelings" or "I am such a nice girl, how can I enjoy hurting other people" We all get past it and the lesson we learn from it, is to be honest to ourselves. Some of us are lucky enough to apply that same lesson to our encounters with the ones we loves, but one way or another kinky people learn how to appreciate and value honesty, if only for themselves.

When your former glory is all that you are

When I look at Teresa's website, those elements are missing. It is geared towards those looking for a quick fix. There is no self-discovery or acceptance of who you are. As the song goes "It's all about the money" and personally I find that reprehensible. BDSM was, is and always will be under attack from those who don't approve of it. The ones that seek to profit from it without any passion for it, serve as their horsemen of the apocalypse. We all are who we are. Coming to terms with that, takes time and once we've accepted our true selves, the next battle presents itself: society at large condemning us, even though they don't understand this is who we are. The last thing BDSM needs yet another desperate gold digger whose view of life is frozen in her 20-something images. The kind of person who doesn't understand the essence of life nor appreciates the beauty of personality, selling her decade old pictures for a measly few bucks. Desire isn't fueled by something so shallow as good looks - and yes attractive people get the look - but by being offered a glimpse into someone soul, something that is impossible for those who sold theirs to mammon.

Oh and by the way Teresa: London's number one? Dream on! Not even if you were the last woman on this planet. And yes I know who is the real number 1! 1! And it's not just London. Silly girl! Still, all the best, even though it's an uphill battle.

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