Monday, May 25, 2015

Humanity's true nature - and why it sucks.

Is your mistress truly looking out for you? When a slave says "Anything for you mistress" does it mean "fulfil my desires and quickly please or I'll move on." Why do people become police officers? Do they feel an obligation to protect the public or are they looking for a licence to kill (in)discriminately? 

It gets worse...

Personally I never felt kink is benign, something other practitioners preach over and over again. If you believe that, you also think kink exists in a vacuum, where people can switch their desires on and off, depending on their mood, rather than a continuum in which degrees of sadism, masochism, selfishness and other (un)usual desires exist.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mad Max turns Mad Femdom, it makes me Furiosaious

If you think - young - Steven Segall is a guy high on octane go see Fury Road. If you are looking for kink or a reassurance of your femdom world ideas, just rent R100. Mad Max Fury Road has absolutely zero to do with femdom and if you read on there will be a 100 percent spoiler below.

furiosa, mad max fury road,female lead
Alien anyone?
I liked Trinity better anyway.
Furiosa is not that special
see 11 movies to watch instead of 50 shades

The original Mad Max movie in 1979 was an Australian low budget film, one that incidentally launched Mel Gibson's career. Given the fact that making movies is just business it was about time they redid it. Then again they also redid Poltergeist.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The First Anti-Slavery Pamphlet 300 Years Ago

Slavery is of all times. Slate magazine has a look at: "Caveat Emptor": The First Anti-Slavery Pamphlet Published in New England. My not so happy - and guilty - thoughts on the issue of real world slavery.

Caveat Emptor. Now really? A rotten deal doesn't even begin to cover it.

Slavery is supposed to be fun. At least for those of us who are into BDSM. I wrote before on modern day slavery - humanity's most despicable act of inhumanity. How can anyone justifiably claim ownership over another human being? Even more vile: the motivation behind it is purely monetary. Somebody else's suffering is why the choosen few, including you and me, can live a life of luxury. We all know the parasitic practice continues to this day. Just look at your phone and imagine some poor sod in Asia inhaling toxic fumes - the kind that will shorten his or her life dramatically in an excruciating painful way - while assembling your latest fashion statement. Then again who cares about other people's health when it saves you tens of dollars on your next must-have Iphone? And yes I plead guilty just like you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grace Jones: the Original Femdom Icon

Grace Jones: “God, I’m scary. I’m scaring myself. It’s great! That’s beautiful.”

Today is the birthday of Grace Jones. The model, actress, singer and style icon, born May 19, 1948, is one of the most iconic women I know. About three weeks ago I accepted a challenge about how you can link almost anything to kink. The topic I choose was roses and at some point it became kind of personal and I didn't finish the post. Red string of faith and so on, which Grace Jones turns out to be part of.

grace jones classic look

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Secure your financial future: Hire an expensive finance professional

Today I received another update from Coral Korrupt. Coral is an American pro-domme who is currently battling cancer. You can read more about her and the medical fund she set up to pay for her treatment at GoFundMe. I don't know her, we never met, yet her story moves me. Unfortunately it is a sad story. I've written about her before: here.

Not that it is fair, but it differs greatly where you live. Getting ill in the United States is prohibitively expensive, while most European countries have some form of social security that help cover the majority of expenses. And that is just the Western world. Even then being unable to work can become a financial burden, especially for those of us who are self employed.

financial planning, nest eggs

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Teresa May: Copyright Violations and Real Dishonesty

Most of you know I also run a Tumblr blog. Yesterday I received a copyright infringement notice. Next time it happens Tumblr shuts me down. With no way to defend myself and not knowing what it is about I looked at the claimant's website. As it turns out former page 3 girl Teresa May, born Teresa Betteridge, switched to pro-domming when that part of her career was over. Looking at her website it doesn't feel her heart is in it. Not only is Teresa the kind of woman who gives kink a bad name - to desperate for money - judging from her images, born in 1966, it looks like she "forgot" to update her photo's for at least two decades. How's that for honesty?

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Rage Against the Machine. Sexual Freemdom vs The Government

Any branch of government is a machine. Its continued existence is its only goal. In the 1930's the tiny US Federal Bureau of Narcotics was on the brink of being abolished. Its boss hated jazz, it removed racial boundaries. It also gave him an easy target. The Bureau survived by going after (black) jazz singer Billie Holiday. Drugs killed her, but the Federal Bureau of Narcotics played a large part in her early death. Remember that when you think about ATVOD and Britain's extreme porn laws - for your own good that is.

Discovered a new word only a few days after I wrote about the beauty of bondage.

Today Holland celebrates the end of the Second World War, 70 years ago. Having been spared the horrors of the Great War, this is an important commemoration for the Dutch. True to form our government decided long ago not to overdo it, our freedom is worth a bank holiday once every five years. Guess we're cheap after all. Freedom comes in many forms and some of those - especially where it concerns kink - will always be under attack.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The History of BDSM - Blog Recommendation

Venus in Furs, published in 1870, is an anachronism, or so I thought. Throughout history there always have been submissive and masochistic men but I assumed, that, apart from a few practitioners, the majority of them only gave in to their peculiar desires over the past few decades, mainly due to higher living standards and a more tolerant and liberal society. Somehow it's hard to imagine a troglodyte risking his life bringing home the dino bacon, only to receive a spanking, cause mistress ordered pterosaur eggs.

Before they invented the whip, they had clubs (and Lego I guess).
I feel sorry for Mr. Troglodyte already.

Friday, May 01, 2015

The Beauty of Bondage: Giving Up Control

We all have our own definition of BDSM. Over the years I spent a lot of time surfing the internet - just like you - and I still don't understand why d/s, s&m and bondage are lumped together in a single term. The elements that make up the abbreviation BDSM often represent different and unrelated interests.

Personally I very much enjoy giving up control. Unfortunately that is not as easy for me as it is for some. My personality forces me to get involved with everything that is going on and join almost any discussion I run into. Combine those traits with a somewhat rebellious nature and an instinctive dislike of authority and when it comes to BDSM you have something most people consider the opposite of a winning combination. Let's hope my charm counterbalances that... Fingers crossed!

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