Sunday, March 29, 2015

More is More: The Emperor's New Clothes

Slaves are often naked for various reasons. For some it is a part of a ritual while others are ordered to be naked because it makes them feel humiliated. Sometimes it is just practical. Being whipped in your bespoke three-piece suit is a waste of money and the insulation makes it less effective.

Clothes say a great deal about who we are and are used to make snap judgements about people we’ve never met before. The way we dress can also enhance our attractiveness or reduce it. Apparently clothing makes our life so complicated that we need a wiki on how to sleep naked.

Personally I feel comfortable naked, both in and out of character, but recently I noticed something odd. Somehow I feel more naked, exposed is a better word, when I wear a t-shirt and nothing else, rather than being completely undressed. It strikes me as weird and I find it hard to explain.

Perhaps being partially dressed looks less natural than being naked or the missing underwear automatically highlights the part of your body that is normally the last bit to be uncovered.

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