Saturday, January 03, 2015

Japanese Manga: Falling Prey to a Flower

In Japan, people of all ages read manga, the word itself simply means comics. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: ranging from action-adventure to sexuality. Even though I grew up in the classic European comic book tradition - I love Asterix - manga is not my thing. The fact that the stories are in Japanese does not help either.

By accident I ran into a translated manga comic with a femdom theme on Tumblr. The drawings are explicit, a bit too much for me. Ahobaka's Falling Prey to a Flower tells the story of Rio, who, after his best friend is murdered by an Alraune, sets out to kill her but instead finds himself captured.

I read it and weird does not begin to cover it. It is just 17 pages, you can find Falling Prey to a Flower here.

Ahobaka - Hana ni Ochite (Falling Prey to a Flower)
Bessatsu Comic Unreal Monster Musume Paradise Vol.1
English, decensored

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