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Contemporary Slavery: Change Begins With Awareness

Nobody wants modern day slavery to exist. Yet we are hooked on cheap stuff. That means industrial slavery. Raising awareness about labour conditions that can only be described as slavery is a first step towards ending it.

Punch Nigeria, We’re treated like slaves but we’re afraid of losing our jobs – Nigerians in Chinese, Indian companies
The exploitation circus goes global: We’re treated like slaves but we’re afraid of losing our jobs.
Nigerians in Chinese, Indian companies. (Image: Punch Nigeria )

Today, December 02, is International Day for the Abolition of Modern Day Slavery. Anonymous people in far away countries assemble our phones and other gadgets for very little money. A few people jumped of the Foxcon building trying to make a statement about horrible working conditions but other than that it is business as usual. In the end we all want the Iphone 666 at bargain prices.

Look deeper and a picture of modern day slavery emerges. It has always been there. Last year I wrote about the many disguises of contemporary slavery and its decline over the ages. Today's slavery - wrapped up in elegant and eclectic justifications provided by economic and legal theories nobody disputes - is much more subtle than its ancestor centuries ago. Yet it does not hide the fact slavery still exists today in 2014 and if you are on the right side of the fence it works to your advantage.

We kinky Westerners, are the lucky ones. We are privileged because slavery, in a historical turn of events, says fun, games, and the unique opportunity to give in to one's deepest desires. We choose our partners freely and call them mistress or slave. Our world predominantly is a safe environment, allowing us to explore our fantasies from which we can step back whenever we want. When play time is over - just the word play - we open the fridge and look for refreshments. Perhaps, priding ourselves on being her slave, we present mistress with some cold beverage, on all fours of course.

There is no daily struggle to find food, no fear of being abused while sleeping in the streets. Hardly anything threatens our comfortable lives. We end the day in our luxurious, air conditioned bedrooms. Secure places where the only monsters are the ones in our dreams. It is a sanctuary where we dream of whatever caught our attention during the day. We are secure in our bedroom, no intruders, no people with bad intentions. Shielded from the cold and misery that so many people have to go through every single day because it is the economy stupid. If by accident - during play - something goes wrong, we go to a nearby hospital. What we suffer from is nothing more than the indignation of a few surprised looks from a not so jaded junior staff member. For the most of us that constitutes the worst side effects of our consensual kink.

There are numerous countries where people can not imagine a life like ours exist. Look a bit further and there are millions of real, contemporary slaves right now. People who can only dream of a life in freedom for themselves but especially for their children. The status quo has been dressed up as capitalism, development economics, faith, karma or whatever you want it to be, but no matter what you call it, it does not go change.

I consider myself privileged among those who are privileged. I have traveled the world extensively, been to countries so far of the charts, most people don't even know they exist. I've been to place you cannot the word travel insurance for. It simply doesn't exists. I have seen the most beautiful things all over the world. But also the saddest of the saddest - heart breaking. Perhaps travel is the ultimate luxury. One side effect is that it makes you aware the world is so much bigger.

Kink & Christmas
I love my kink but part of what gets me cross is the sheer dishonesty and hypocrisy of it all. Just for a fix, based on an illusion.
A slave who claims to believe in female superiority, dreaming of a world ruled by women – the yapoo kind perhaps – knows very well women in other parts of the world suffer for his mistress’ prezzies. Still, Mr. Female Superiority is as happy as a child when they are on sale, just before Christmas. More prezzies for his mistress, means more praise for him, spoiling her the way she deserves and more playtime for him. So convenient.

On Boxing Day, after unwrapping the prezzies and tossing them to the side, mistress continues to yap about the worldwide “sisterhood” of women. How they need to stand together and so on. Of course not all women are admitted. That makes prezzies more expensive. Less gifts is an inconvenient nuisance that reflects badly on her status as some-one who deserves it all.

There the dommes who don’t deliver – and are terrible actresses in the process. I feel for them. What is worse, is a strong woman, someone who can make a difference in the real world. They are that rare breed of dominance, leadership. Still they often turn out to be interested in no more than wine & worship. Such a waste of talent and a huge turn-off.

Will it ever change?
When Christmas comes, I also find myself in the shop buying electronics for family and friend, knowing very well the person who assembled it had no choice other than to work in that factory. During all my travels, I talked to so many people that one day per year I like to draw attention to the phenomenon of modern day slavery. That day is today, December 02, is International Day for the Abolition of Modern Day Slavery.

No single individual can change anything about it but as psychologist Nathaniel Branden said the first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. That first step I understand, the second step I struggle with. Just give it some thought.

Perhaps our chains are what make us aware of what the world really looks like, yet at the same time preventing us from action because we have to loose so much. I am guilty too.

December 02 is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. As a reminder for us kinky people about the ugly truth of real world slavery, once a year I write about modern day slavery.
heavy metal shackles

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