Saturday, August 23, 2014

Toys for (controlling) boys

Like all boys I like toys, both kinky and vanilla. The other day I saw two ingenious, evil electrical toys.

The first item was the Public Enemy (what's in a name) cb6000 electric chastity cage. It has been done before an electrified chastity cage but the design of the Public Enemy is beautiful. Electrical play can range anywhere from pleasurable to painful to even unbearable. Wearing a device like that really means giving up control.  Pleasure also, which makes it for a very interesting control toy. It is an excellent little toy to play mind games. Punishment is only milliseconds away. The only moment when you are probably safe is when you are serving wine.

To complement the electrical chastity cage there are the sacksling electro oxballs, they are probably even more scary. They have two electrical contacts, so you can use them as a standalone toy but combined with the chastity cage it makes for an exciting and scary combination.

Oxballs in action around 09:50

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