Sunday, January 13, 2013

Choices: Why My Tumblr Describes Me

Selecting dozens of images for my photo blog every day, reveals a lot about me and my preferences, often unintentionally Interested observers can find out things about me, I didn't know myself. Pretty cool but also scary.

As far as kink goes I prefer pictures over words. I enjoy a good story but in the end I prefer images. Unless somebody is a gifted writer, a picture tells a thousand words. At the beginning of 2013 I started my own Tumblr blog. I love it: The diversity, the passion with which people express what they like about kink, the beauty if it all.
In selecting images, you reveal who you are.

I love technology, computers and the internet but I do not understand when people go out to dinner, choose to check Facebook instead of talking to each other and having a good time. Facebook can be fun but it is not my thing. Twitter, Vine and podcasts are what I really dislike. Twitter is a hype that should have faded long ago. With the advent of Whatsapp it will finally perish (or so I hope). In the future the only thing that Twitter is good for, will be machine to machine communication. Your fridge talking to other household appliances. The six second Vine clip is the video equivalent of the 140 character tweet. Unless you are creative, please stay away from it. Same goes for podcasts, unless it is vanity you're after. How many interesting ones have you watched? Ever heard of anonymish apps like Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak? They seem to herald the start of un-social media.

Pick one
There are many picture sharing and blogging apps. Perhaps too many. Think Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr or Tumblr. Picture sharing is one type of social media I like. I've choosen Tumblr as a platform, their blog roll allows adult content.

Once you start to follow people, their lives slowly unfold. Whether they found a new love or just broke up, it is reflected on their Tumblr. Both women and men blog, which is so cool. That way you can learn about what drives people from both points of view. Knowing (some) women love Tumblr just as much as men - and sometimes even more - is a total turn on. Tumblr is a creative platform. It can also be highly addictive. Most of the stuff I reblog on Tumblr, I like one way or another. I occasionally post pictures that do not interest me on right away but the context intrigues mes. I am not interested in female subs but gags and nipple clamps look so much better on women than on guys. That is why I make an exception every now and then.
I know and I am not always comfortable with it.

Yes, my Tumblr describes me. Still, some things cannot be put into words. The blogging platform suffers from an overload of popular fantasies, which make it harder to find material that is close to your heart. Keep those limitations in mind the phrase "my Tumblr describes me" is pretty accurate.

One final caveat. Next to kink my Tumblr has non-kinky stuff as well. Kink has a beauty that is difficult to describe, but the beauty of life goes way beyond kink. Every now and then I include something else in my blog. If you are allergic to vanilla, please do not visit my Tumblr blog. Everyone else: You can find it here: Let me know what you think.

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